Passages of Time


Orphaned at birth, Jon Smith has grown up to lead a very ordinary life—until the headaches begin, and then the apparitions. The visions haunting Jon drive him to seek the truth—that he possesses an inherited talent for crossing over to other times and other places. As Jon struggles to gain control over his newfound ability, he is quick to discover the sorrows that await those who meddle with time gone by. The secret of his past and the fate of the future will culminate at an ancient cathedral in Renaissance Italy. There he will discover his roots and root up an evil that he could have never imagined existed. It will follow him through the passages of time with disastrous results.


The First Coming


Pete Stein, a wayward Chicago detective, is no stranger to secrets.  An investigation into a mysterious traffic accident puts Pete on a collision course with a man who walks our streets, no longer wishing to live but unable to die.  Intrigued by this immortal, Pete embarks on an adventure that stretches to a battle on the very steps of the Vatican, where ultimate evil is making a clandestine effort to keep the enigma hidden forever.


An American Crusade

 Who really is thy neighbor? In a post-9/11 world fraught with the fear of terrorism, a preacher, a professor and a real estate mogul all struggle to reshape America in their own images. The common thread binding them is the same one unraveling their society. When a campaign based on hate begins, one can never tell where it might end. From within the new world order they create, one will escape, one will become trapped by his own schemes, and one will find himself unable to survive.